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Welcome to the our journal community space of Willness Co. So aptly named Folklores as I envision this place to be akin to that of the good ole days of fire side stories, teachings and wisdom passed from generation to generation. There will be posts on health & nutrition, my ramblings on life, interviews with incredible people in the health industry and herbs. Lots on herbs!

While I am not an elder and don't have a flute or the ability to play one to interlude the information shared here (think Kill Bill) or smores (sorry) I do want you to know that there will be no 'fake news' and that everything posted regarding well-being, nutrition and herbal medicine comes from my experience as an botanical nutritionist and from experts in their respective fields who I trust.

Also a reminder that you create your own reality. Take in what you wish and trust yourself 

So let the fun & adventures of Willness Co begin ............. 

L xx