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"If you can tie your shoe laces you can do Macramé"








"I am fuckn Beyoncé"












"When you are doing macramé. you can't be somewhere else"

If you asked me to describe Christine in one word it would have to be ethereal. She has this grace about her that makes you want to slow down, take your time, appreciate the small things and essentially be mindful. Did I also mention she has this incredible ability to make any outfit stunning?! From the jean and white tee staple to gorgeous florals this girl can rock any ensemble and when you read her story you'll understand why.

This Rhode Island beauty and I first met here in San Francisco when I wandered in to a boutique store on Union Street. From the farm to a vibrant New York fashion buyer/designer to west coast Mindful Macramé Queen. Here's her story in all its glory.


Christine grew up on a 4 acre farm in Rhode Island with 4 sisters, 1 brother, chickens, horses, apples trees and the freedom to roam barefoot with a simple 'you must be home before dark' rule. While she was taught very early on the responsibilities of life with daily chores, their home was always filled with laughter, hippie potions and a good cup of tea. At the age of 17 Christine ventured away from the farm to the 'big city' of Providence, where her love for fashion was ignited while working at a dress shop. She was soon on regular work trips to New York City where she learned the intricacies of the fashion industry from the buying process to knowing the right people. 

Inevitably at the age of 22 Christine made the big move to NYC and a chance meeting won her the dream job of head sales director at a top dress designers. Life was sweet, she had a cute apartment next to Central Park, a fulfilling job and had met her main man, Bálint, who happened to be in fashion himself. However, the desire to get back to nature ultimately resulted in, one, a random macramé class and two, an upheaval of their lives to San Francisco.

And this my friends leads so elegantly to Christine's passion project, Macramé.


I should probably mention a little bit about what Macramé actually is but it's really not that complex. Christine once told me that essentially it's just tying knots. "If you can tie your shoe laces you can do Macramé". Christine made her first plant hanger under the guidance and expert teachings of Dee Dee, her spirit animal. Christine at this point questions if people can actually be spirit animals and I assure her that they can! So she leaves this class in NYC, walking home with her plant hanger feeling elated and thinking "I am fuckn Beyoncé". And this my wild ones immaculately describes that passion project moment. What started in New York as an outlet to channel her creativity and mindfulness has grown from a side hustle to Christine's full time gig. Knotting Ambitions is born and just keeps on growing.


Christine ponders on this for a moment and I can see why. It is clear, not only from her infectious calm aura, but also her upbringing that rituals are very much a part of Christine's day. She finally answers with three of her non-negotiables. 1. A morning smoothie of banana, lions mane coffee, adaptogens (duh), collagen peptides, cinnamon, turmeric, spinach (cos leafy greens for the win) topped with granola.  2. a cup of tea in the afternoon. Her brother brews his own black tea in aged barrels. She promises me a tasting of which I will hold her to!. 3. A 6pm yoga class everyday. 


While I often expect this to be answered with, hiking or hugging trees, which is totally cool, Christine surprises me with the response, "alone time". Although she loves being around people, she is a self proclaimed introvert and needs time to gather her thoughts and recuperate.  Alone time can mean a cup of tea, journaling and/or macramé. "When you are doing macramé. you can't be somewhere else"It's a beautiful form of meditation which brings in you in to the present moment. You can't think forward to the future, you can't think back to the past and you can't worry. You can only tie knots.


Just the basics. More water, 10 mins of stretching a day minimum, nothing fancy just get back in touch with your body and sleep! Christine has a strict 10.30 bedtime ritual. No phones. Soft light and a good book (fiction only).


And with that out of the way Brutus comes over for a cuddle and we return to chatting and laughing as all good friends do.