So here today, as a botanical nutritionist, I bring them to you in the prettiest of packaging (of course). It is the mission of Willness Co to make healing with herbs effortless, effective & ethereal.

We are bringing consciousness back one elixir at a time. It is also my deepest belief that in healing ourselves we will in turn heal the earth. To help this along Willness Co is dedicated to being a green company, believing in the power of a collective society that supports local people & local environments.


| are you ready to join us? | 

Welcome wild ones to the world of Willness Co. It is our continuing adventure to revive the use of traditional herbal remedies to help you thrive rather than survive your everyday lives.

I grew up running around in the grass in New Zealand, very much in touch with nature but after traveling the world, calling six countries home & gaining a plethora of experience in the health industry I found myself continually thinking that we were doing this all wrong.


| rewild yourself |


In our quest to figure out how it all works we lost our faith in the intricacies of nature we will never understand. So I studied holistic nutrition & started practicing yoga which lead to making my own medicines from foraged herbs & vodka. Trips to the bottle store took on a whole new meaning!